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How Do I Place An Order?

You can place an order by messaging me directly on Twitter @GowturServices, or by clicking on the Buy Now button on whatever product you would like to buy. Once you select the desired product you must send your information on whatever service you buy. The information you send will be safe and secure. You must disable your 2FA in order for me to complete your order. Once the order is completed I advise you to change your information and put your 2FA back on to your account for your own security and peace of mind. 

Payment And Shipping:

I do not actually ship out products to your house unless it is requested, and that is what the service provides. During the checkout process it will ask for address for confirmation of purchase to match with the card being used. Whenever you purchase something from me I will either email you the product, or you must message me through email or Twitter directly. Once the order has been received and confirmed the processing time will be approximately 1-7 business days. If you need to contact me about your order and a more accurate estimate of the order being completed feel free to email me, or direct message me on Twitter with the order number.

Returns And Refunds:

I do not offer Refunds at all.


Contact Me:

Thanks for submitting!

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